Host Your Event at 哥伦比亚大学

火博体育有剧院, 会议室, casual gathering spaces, and spacious lecture halls for organizations hosting performances, 会议, 筹款活动, 和更多的. You and your group will enjoy our manicured gardens, unique spaces, and attentive service. Find the ideal space for your next event.  

Hosting a Larger Event? 

We have the flexibility to rent out our entire campus and host overnight groups at various times during the year. 使用火博体育的宿舍, 宽敞的绿色, and multi-functional spaces to host a camp, 撤退, 或者周末培训. 

空间 能力
Cottingham剧院 350
斯皮尔斯音乐厅 225
学生会 用餐区 492
学生会 阳台 50
Breed 领导 会议室  70-149
Breed 领导 演讲厅 70
Breed 领导 董事会会议室 20
整个校园  500+

Do you need mics, equipment, or a technician to monitor sound and lighting? We can assist you with a range of technology needs. 


We offer a full range of high-level catering services—from coffee and breakfast to take away lunch boxes to designer buffets and served meals. Check out our catering guide full of fresh, creative ideas. The guide is just a starting point—we're happy to help you customize your menu. On-campus events are required to use our catering services, provided through Sodexo.  


Coming to campus soon? Check out our interactive map to explore campus online, or download our printable map to bring with you on your visit. 


We're here to answer your questions and help you plan. Whether you're still considering your options or you're ready to book a specific space, we encourage you to fill out our request form. 


Host shows, concerts, and play productions in our full performance space. The Cottingham剧院 has a raised stage, 后台, and technical box in the rear of the auditorium. We can also provide technicians and operational support to help ensure your performance goes smoothly.  



最近重新装修, this venue houses a spectacular organ, making it perfect for organ recitals and musical performances. The Concert Hall also works well for presentations and lectures. 大厅外, guests can socialize in our modern reception space, and musicians can use our practice rooms to prep for performances. 


餐厅 Setup 学生会 at 哥伦比亚大学



One of our largest and most flexible spaces, the 学生会 用餐区 works well for luncheons, 宴会, 和招待会. This well-lighted space can be customized to accommodate groups, speakers, and even a band.



Located on the second floor of the 学生会, the 阳台 offers both indoor and covered outdoor seating overlooking our beautiful campus. This flexible space is perfect for hors-d'oeuvres, a cocktail hour, or a small gathering. 


Breed 领导 Building


(Pictured) Situated on the first floor, this tiered lecture hall provides a unique environment for speaking engagements and classroom learning.  



Ask for anything from a traditional conference room to a lecture setup to partitions for breakout sessions and smaller groups.  

座位:70-149 (depending upon setup)


Just off the main entrance of our most iconic campus building, the 董事会会议室 can accommodate meetings and presentations.  



Looking for the perfect spot to host a camp, training, or 撤退? We have the flexibility to host large groups overnight at various times of the year. Take advantage of our 宽敞的绿色, multi-functional spaces, and convenient overnight rooming options. 

容量:500 +


Have questions about our spaces and availability? Reach out, and we'll help you find the ideal space for your next event.